17 Dec 2013

Bask in the Splendour of our Render

It was a really miserable day, raining quite hard at times. My hopes of finding much activity at the house were not that high. Sure, I was expecting something to happen inside, and I wasn't disappointed in that respect - our internal fit-out carpenter had been started a couple of days before, and it was a seemingly long process to get all of the architraves, skirting & shelving completed (there was quite a bit of fiddly work to be done).

When I arrived I was shocked. Our render had been completed! And it was raining all day! It was one of those moments when I wanted to shout out, do the Toyota jump, and call everybody I knew with the exciting news! But I didn't. I have neighbours to consider, and I didn't want to give them the impression (too early on) that I have potential to be that "crazy lady" across the street/next door/with the cats etc. 

I'm probably already known as that crazy lady who visits her house every day to take photos.

We were really impressed that the render wrapped around inside the garage - we love the level/quality of finish that Coral provides

The render wraps around the side of the house. Unfortunately it was too short on one side. We emailed our Site Supervisor, and it was fixed the very next day (see how the repair is slightly darker? It wont matter as it will be painted)

We wanted to see what our render colours looked like, so we brought over our samples that we painted up during our decision-making process. We just HAD to hold them up against the house.

The columns will be Dulux Melville Island
The remainder of the render will be Dulux White Duck

Tell All the People // we have The Doors

Well we were pleasantly surprised when we found that our doors had been delivered. We will finally be able to use the key that Coral gave us at the start of our build!

Hume Doors // Savoy Range // XS26 1200mm wide

Hume Doors // Accent Range // HAG9

We were even more excited when the doors were installed.

12 Dec 2013

So Many Bricks!

We had a LOT of wet weather as the brickies were just getting into our build. It meant that for the good part of a week, hardly anything was being done on the outside.

I cant complain though. I actually applaud the brickies. Even though the weather was miserable, they were still out at the house every single day doing something (even if it was only running the first course of bricks - not something I would like to do in the rain)

Bricks // PGH Frost
Mortar // off-white
Note: in some photos the mortar looks quite dark - we took the photos before it had time to dry.

6 November 2013

21 November 2013

11 Dec 2013


As you can see, I'm getting really creative with these blog titles. Nothing quite like getting to the point. So you might be thinking, "hey slacko, get on with the posts - it's been sooo long"

Sure, its been a while, and sure, it HAS been really tempting to get online each day and post with the latest update - for example: "Oh we have plasterboard in the hallway" . . . "Today we have plasterboard in the bedrooms" . . . "Oh look! We have plasterboard in the toilet".

But lets face it. Lazy is my style, and why bombard you with endless posts on the same topic. Hence why I am posting with news of a COMPLETED plaster-boarded house.

I know, I know, get to the pictures right?

Ok here they are...

Dining / Living / Kitchen

Entry // looking into house

Home Theatre // looking from doorway

Study/Bed 5 // looking from doorway


Kitchen // pantry

Dining/Living // location of dining table

Dining/Living // location of dining table

Living // location of lounge

Stacker Door


Rumpus // looking from doorway near kitchen

Master // looking from doorway

Ensuite // bath

Ensuite // bath

Ensuite // shower with shelf
Laundry // small cupboard

Laundry // location of cabinet + washing machine

Main Bathroom // bath

Main Bathroom // shower with shelf

Hallway // expansion joint

Hallway // looking into WC